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Personal and Professional ICT Solutions and Services for You, your Business or Charity.

Where can we help...


If you are a Business or Charity, we will be able to assist you in making technology work for you. We can support you locally or remotely with your technology. Are you setting up a new business, or do you need to install, make changes or upgrade your infrastructure. Contact us and we can provide you with the service you require.


Do you have a laptop or computer that needs repairing, upgrading or on the go slow. Are the kids complaining that YouTube or their game is slow. Contact us and we can provide free advice on how we can help you.

Starting Up or Working From Home

If you are Starting Up a new business or are Working From Home due to the COVID-19 virus, we can help you setup your business or working environment, we can also support you as well. The possiblities are endless to what you want. We can do the planning, designing, installing and engage with third parties to provide a working environment for you. We can also provide you with a domain, email, website and cloud storage for your business.

Remote or Local Support

We can provide local or remote support using the tools and skills we have available to you. It does not matter if you are a home user or a business, during this COVID-19 outbreak we are here for you.

Common Issues We Deal With
  • Microsoft Office
  • Email
  • Printing
  • Home Network
  • Software Installations

Troubleshoot and Diagnose

Do you experience problems or issues with your laptop, desktop, server or network? Do you you need some help to understand why it is happening. We can provide you with the help to troubleshoot and diagnose the issue, and then resolve it.

The Following Do Occur
  • Hardware Failure
  • Software Bugs or Glitches
  • Slowness
  • Connectivity Issues

Install or Upgrade

No matter if you are a business or a home user, we can provide you with recommendations and assist you to install or upgrade your desktop, laptop, tablet, server or network. Just get intouch and we can provide a free quote.

Professional Advice and Solutions

With our Geekiness in technology, over the years we have provided advice or recommendations to people, and to their businesses on the technology, or solutions to their issues. We pride ourselves on going over and above to help you out, without the jargon that can confuse you. There is never a daft question and we ensure we put your mind at ease. Get intouch and we can be there for you.

Data Backup and Recovery

Everyone has vital data and losing it does have a cost. It is recommended that you have 3 types of backups. We can provide and recommend on how to backup your data depending on your budget. We can also recover data from media that has failed, however this is not always gauranteed. Contact us for more information.

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